Revolutionizing Warehouse Labor Management

Give us a brief overview of Embassy Data Logistics.

Embassy Data Logistics is a software development group that is committed to bringing low cost, highly functional tools for the warehouse operation market. Their focus in on providing impactful software tools for the warehousing industry that lead to an increased bottom line, without the need for extensive services or interfaces.

What is Warehouse Kommand, and how does it benefit your clients?

Warehouse Kommand is a unique labor cost and productivity calculator that uses hundreds of engineered averaged elements in order to calculate productivity levels across 30+ touch points within a warehouse. Our clients use Warehouse Kommand to benchmark their warehouse operations, to predict future labor requirements, to calculate KPI targets, to model new technology or automation and to cost out their labor by unique tasks in the warehouse. The benefit to these clients is providing the visibility as to how much labor they actually need, and showing where they are either spending too
much or too little on their labor costs. It helps to Simplify Metrics, Maximize Efficiency, and Forecast Labor in order
to stay ahead in today’s marketplace. This is a tool that every Warehouse Manager, Operations Executive, Supply Chain Consultant or Vendor selling into the warehouse industry should have. Warehouse Kommand gives you the engineering without the engineer.

Share the starting point of your company with us.

Embassy has 25+ years of supply chain industry experience in over 40 countries and across 6 continents, and we know that the global need for inexpensive and highly effective tools are in constant demand. Few tools exist in the marketplace that meet the requirement of being easy to use, require no implementation or integration services, yet still provide impactful solutions where manageable decisions can be made.

At Embassy, we have embarked on creating a full suite of tools that are designed with the goal of being globally applicable to all warehouses no matter what size, and provide significant ROI’s with minimal time and financial investment.

“Warehouse Kommand gives you the engineering without the engineer”

Lee Rector – Founder & CEO

Our initial launch of the Warehouse Kommand product in July of 2023 was the tip of the spear for our penetration into this market. Earlier in 2023, we decided to take an aggressive approach to developing and bringing to market the first labor tool of its kind, in order to level the playing fields between the top 2% of companies and the majority 98% of the market that cannot afford the cost of a full-blown Labor Management Solution. We wanted our system to be affordable, flexible, quick to implement, require no integrations, and be accessible around the world. We are proud to have accomplished all of those targets.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for future growth?

We can display the labor performance of an operation on a single view dashboard with our current Warehouse Kommand technology. Our roadmap is expanding to the next product Ambassador, which will allow an organization with multiple sites to view each location at the same time, as well as display the productivity of their automation, all on the same dashboard.

How do you motivate and lead your employees to ensure they remain energetic and productive?

Growth is an exciting time for our team, and every day brings new challenges as well as accomplishments. We routinely meet to discuss as a team what we can do better and how we can remove the hurdles to our growth.

What significant changes have you brought about in the industry?

For the past 25 years, the industry has been based on expensive licensing and even more expensive services and integration fees. At Embassy Data Logistics, we reversed this trend by building all of the engineering into the software, where the clients only have to add small amounts of aggregate information into the solution in order to get accurate results. We have reduced the entry in the LMS (Labor Management System) market from over $25,000 to just $49.95 per month.

What upcoming changes do you foresee in the industry, and how do you plan to address them?

With the globe pivoting from Far Eastern support to more localized fulfillment and manufacturing, we tried to get ahead of the game by setting up partnerships in 7 key regions in the world. The software is currently available in 14 languages and along with our partners, we can actively support most regions on the planet, all with an entry fee of only $50 per month! We are seeing adoptions of Warehouse Kommand in new countries every month.

Give our readers an intro about yourself and the team.

As Founder and CEO, I have been in the supply chain technology and execution market for over 25 years, bringing both systems and executive management to customers in over 40 countries. As an author and trusted voice in the industry, I recognized the need to change the way we look at operational solutions. Our team of partners and associates have over 250 years of experience in the market and have assisted 1000’s of operations to increase productivity, enhance their technology platforms and increase the profitability of their operations.