About Embassy Data Logistics

Twenty five years ago, there was a move to paperless warehouse operations through the use of technology such as Radio Frequency Equipment or RFID. It took many companies over 10 years to adapt to that trend, and the main reason was the cost of the solutions, as well as the services.

Now the trends are more pressing as they are external, such as a decreasing labor pool, increasing labor costs and the aging population of the current supply chain executive community. For the majority of operations around the globe, they do not have the luxury of time to remain competitive.

I have seen the challenge of services and integrations hamstring not only the software providers but also the ability for companies to purchase as a capital expense item. The alternative to these solutions was the use of spreadsheets, which have been used and handed down within organizations to do anything from optimization projects, to labor planning, to even contract pricing for 3PL’s. Most of the users of these spreadsheets do not understand the original formulas or more importantly the metrics inside of the spreadsheets.

My plan for Embassy was to create tools that are simple to use, work within the framework of a fixed budget, and most importantly provide a direct impact on the productivity of the operation.

Warehouse Kommand is the first of our products to be released, and requires no integration or implementation fees while providing significant benefits to organizations by giving them visibility to their productivity, activity based costing, and areas of opportunity within the operation for improvement.

I envision the solution to be used by managers and executives in the operation to routinely evaluate the performance of the operation, for solutions design teams to accurately price out their contracts for prospective clients, and for sales agents of automation and new technology to accurately predict or forecast the effects of change on the operation.

Our applications are meant to be simple, low cost, and have the ability to be rapidly implemented to produce manageable results in any operation around the globe.

Our goal is to level the playing field so that everyone in the industry has the tools available to allow the next generation of warehouse professionals to be even more successful than their predecessors.

Lee Rector

Embassy Data Logistics Inc.