Embassy is focused on providing services and creating value for businesses in the Supply Chain Management Market, with a focus on Logistics and Warehouse Operations.

Our Management and Executive Group has over 250 years experience in Supply Chain, Technology, Operations and Consulting, and have worked with hundreds of organizations around the globe.

Here at Embassy we have created a systematic approach to our Consulting services, which has enabled the ability to deliver savings of 8-15% of the operational spend and ROI’s measuring 4-6 weeks – and we have a track record of delivering results ON TIME.

Areas of Expertise


Senior level consulting practice that is focused on providing customers with optimal network rationalization and overall supply chain management counsel including business process improvements and inventory reduction. Embassy’s vast experience allows their consulting group to bring optimal practices from all vertical markets to their clients.


Simple planning and labor cost and productivity tools.

Strategic Consulting

• Network Optimization
• Site Selection
• ROI/Capital Justifications
• Outsourcing
• M&A
• Vendor Audit-3PL Contracts
• Facility Design
• Materials Handling
• Site Audits
• DPP Analysis
• Benchmarking
• Performance
• Operations KPI
• Service Levels
• Costs/Revenues

Tactical Consulting: Layout Planning

• Project Management
• Capacity Planning
• Inventory Analysis & Simulation
• Business Process re-engineering / Method Studies
• Transportation Studies
• Freight Audits
• Rate Validation
• Routing & Scheduling
• Outsourcing
• Performance against Contract-3PL

Operational Consulting

• Procedures & Process
• Operations Management
• Manuals & Documentation
• Re-buy Multiples
• Inventory Control
• Change Management
• Warehouse Slotting
• Utilization:
• Labor
• Resources
• Capital