Case Review

A large North American distributor of food, alcohol and tobacco in the Puerto Rican market with throughput in excess of $500M USD brought us in for a consultation. The operation has been challenged with an appreciable drop in productivity since the organization did a changeover to a new technology platform in Sept 2023. Embassy’s Warehouse Kommand was used to help quantify the overall reduction in productivity in what could be attributed to the new technology and how it was configured, along with its limitations.

In just a few days a full review had been completed and with the assistance of Warehouse Kommand, the numbers came back showing a net double digit effect on productivity with an estimated cost in excess of $250,000. Additionally, the Kommand technology identified areas of specificity where the company team could focus their efforts to increase productivity, and the operation totaled an additional $500,000 in savings which they are now actively involved in harvesting.

“We directionally knew that our productivity was not where we wanted it to be, and with Warehouse Kommand we not only quantified the reduction but were able to quickly target areas to focus on and improve.”

“If you’re thinking of automation for your warehouse this software allows you to specifically track and manage your operating costs and identify what type of automation can best improve your facility OR more importantly what isn’t the right investment.

Prioritize what impacts / improves your operation the most! “

Tim Roberston
Automation Consultant,
TRC Analytics