The easy-to-use labor cost and productivity solution

Simplify Metrics, Maximize Efficiency, and Forecast Labor to Stay Ahead in Today's Marketplace.

The tool that every Warehouse Manager, Operations Executive, Supply Chain Consultant or Vendor selling into the warehouse industry should have.

Warehouse Kommand gives you the engineering without the engineer.

$49.95/month* or $499/year

* Based on a 12-month subscription

Operations are tasked with getting better performance and measures every day in today’s marketplace, yet very few companies have the ability to accurately measure performance and cost.

Our Warehouse Kommand product simplifies the task of coming up with these measures where we no longer just measure performance by units per hour or FTE hours in a day.

Warehouse Kommand takes all the science and data tables and puts the engineering in the hand of the user, where a few inputs can provide measurable and manageable outcomes.

Warehouse Kommand allows your operation to create metrics that compare the operation against an industrially averaged calculated standard, against the market, and against itself over time.